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The BC-ILN philosophy has always been about providing instrument access for education using free and secure tools to connect and communicate with the BC-ILN from your computer, anywhere in the world! An overall guiding principle of the ILN community is that all software should be freely available to download and simple to use.  When we help you set-up for BC-ILN remote access, all our connection and login information will be sent to you and we will work with you to provide a effective and enjoyable experience for your learners.


As part of our adaptation for COVID-19 the BC-ILN has been testing connection tools for a more seamless user experience. Contact us to find out how to connect.


“Using the AAS was very interesting, and controlling the camera was really fun.”

High School student, South Kamloops Senior Secondary

“This was an excellent introductory exercise both as a learning experience and for confidence building.”

Third Year analytical chemistry student, Thompson Rivers University

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