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British Columbia - Integrated Laboratory Network


Teaching and Learning with Online Labs

“…we learn by doing…” and we learn science, by doing science. But if some students don’t have the opportunity to play around and experience working with the tools of science, they just end up not learning as much. Our project provides opportunities to work on modern scientific instruments for students who otherwise would not have this chance. If you can go and take control of the computer running an instrument using the internet, you can then run that instrument from anywhere in the world. This lets students learn by running real experiments, on real samples, in real time. This is the science and technology of today and tomorrow. From that cute robot cruising the surface of Mars, to a surgeon operating on a patient from another time zone. And that quote, “we learn by doing” is from Aristotle, over two thousand years ago. We’re just taking it to the future.





BC-ILN HP Catalyst project video:


It was something different and more related to real life stuff. I really liked the idea of using the instrument over the internet because I might use this same technology someday when I get into the workforce. Overall it was a great experience, thanks!

First year student, Thompson Rivers University


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