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Current Projects:

TRU Teaching and Learning Scholars Program & TRU Internal Research Fund Award: Assessing Engagement in First Year Chemistry – The Influence of the Laboratory in collaboration with C. Mohr (TRU)


HP Catalyst 2012 Leadership Grant: “Project ACCESS: Bridging the Digital Divide via Mobile Access to Remote Laboratories” in collaboration with Dr. Kemi Jona, Northwestern University


HP Catalyst 2011 Grant: Providing and Evaluating Authentic On-Line Science Laboratory Experiences through the BC-ILN

Chemical Education Student Research Projects

  De​velopment of TN Water Quality Screening Lab for General Chemistry 

 Development of Herb Analysis Lab for General Chemistry



N. Stewart, S. Lidster, T. Anchikoski, B. Cinel, S. Brewer, C. Rees ‘Creating an engaging science inquiry activity for middle school students that incorporates online remote access to analytical instrumentation’, Alberta Science Education Journal, November 2017, ASEJ, Volume 45, Number 1, November 2017, pages 30 -38,

D.J. Erasmus, S.E. Brewer, B. Cinel "Integrating bio-inorganic and analytical chemistry into an undergraduate biochemistry laboratory" Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education" vol 43, issue 2, p 1539-3429, March/April 2015, doi: 10.1002/bmb.20865


D.J. Erasmus, S.E. Brewer, B. Cinel "Assessing the engagement, learning, and overall experience of students operating an atomic absorption spectrophotometer with remote access technology" Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education, Volume 43, Issue 1, pages 6–12, January/February 2015, doi: 10.1002/bmb.20838   


S.E. Brewer, B. Cinel, M. Harrison, C.L. Mohr "First year chemistry laboratory courses for distance learners: Development and transfer credit acceptance" The International Review Of Research In Open And Distance Learning, 14(3), 488-507, 2013


B.Cinel, S.E. Brewer "Enlisting students to help develop new online lab experiences for students" presentation at the 40th College Chemistry Canada Conference, Corner Brook Newfoundland, June 8 2013


S.E. Brewer, B.Cinel "Our HP Catalyst Experience: Reaching Out with Chemistry Online" presentation at the 96th Canadian Society for Chemistry Conference, Quebec City, May 28 2013


S.E. Brewer, B.Cinel "Remote Instrument Access and the BC-ILN" presentation as part of Oregon State University's Centre for Research on Lifelong STEM Learning panel "Bricks and Mortar Optional:  21st Century Laboratory Learning" May 14, 2013


S.E. Brewer, B. Cinel 2013 Sloan-C Workshop "Learning Environments: Teaching and Learning with Online Science Labs (STEM)" May 3-10 2013


S.E. Brewer, B. Cinel "Improving Student Accessibility through the use of Remote Instrumentation: The BC-ILN Project" invited presentation at Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (PUC Rio), April 19, 2013


S.E. Brewer, B.Cinel "Improving Student Accessibility through the Use of Remote Instrumentation" BCcampus presentation at NANSLO meeting, Feb. 26, 2013


S.E. Brewer, B. Cinel, E. Macri "Online Laboratory Activities to Engage Learners: Remote Chemical Analysis At Western Washington & Thompson Rivers", Poster presented at the 18th Annual Sloan Consortium International Conference on Online Learning, Buena Vista, FL on October 10-12, 2012

Brewer S., Cancilla D., Cinel B., Czart M., Hurley-Dasgupta B., Hussain S., Macri E., Viswanathan S.,"STEM Online Education: Strategies for Success" Pre-conference workshop at the 18th Annual Sloan Consortium International Conference on Online Learning, Buena Vista, FL on October 10, 2012

S.E, Brewer, B.Cinel 2012 Sloan-C Moving the Laboratory Online Workshop "Teaching & Learning with Online Labs: Developing Best Practices & Accomplishing Learning Objectives", Sept 19-28, 2012


B. Cinel, S.E. Brewer “Improving Student Accessibility through the use of Remote Instrumentation: The BC-ILN Project”  invited presentation at the Biennial Conference on Chemical Education (BCCE), Pennsylvania State University from July 29 – August 2, 2012


S.E. Brewer, B. Cinel “Teaching and Learning with Online Chemistry Labs” Presentation at the 95th Canadian Society for Chemistry Conference Calgary, June 2012


B.Cinel, S.E. Brewer “Chemistry in the Multiversity” Presentation at the 39th College Chemistry Canada Conference, Calgary, June 2012


S.E. Brewer B.Cinel E. Macri K. Jona L.Nadolny S. Viswanathan B. Hurley Dasgupta X.Du C.Li L.Quian K.Rawat M.Dreux A. Maharaj “STEM ONLINE EDUCATION: Energizing the Future” Sloan-C Research Symposium April 19 – May 3, 2012


S.E. Brewer B. Cinel “Providing and Evaluating Authentic On-Line Science Laboratory Experiences” HP Catalyst Showcase video March –April 2012


S.E. Brewer B.Cinel E. Macri “Integrated Laboratory Network” in “The Multi-Versity and Global Collaboaratory Consortia” HP Showcase on Innovation, Jan 17. 2012



Presentations and Articles:

BC-ILN in the news


Kamloops This Week "At TRU, they are teaching the future teachers new ways to teach" July 8, 2018 

TRU Research News "TRU’s BC Integrated Laboratory network now in use by College of the Rockies" Nov. 12, 2013


TRU Research News "Good news" July 2013


Medicine Hat College real magazine "Chemistry Connection with TRU" volume 4, issue 1 Spring 2013


PUC Rio NECE newsletter "Improving Student Accessibility Using Remote Instrumentation" April 29, 2013


BCcampus Blog "Beyond textbooks: How remote Science Labs are capitalizing on the "Whoa" Moment of Discovery for Students" April 16, 2013


TRU Newsroom Blog "TRU featured in online gallery of educational innovations" April 12, 2012


TRU Newsroom Blog "HP Catalyst Award to Foster Innovative Education Collaborations Globally" June 28, 2011





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